Advertisement. Obsession – Long Sakeru Gummy.

Chi-chan and Tooru-san love Sakeru Gummy, but one day, they see "Long Long Man", a mysterious mustached man tearing off a strip of Long Sakeru Gummy and a new story is being told. Sakeru Gumi tai Naga~i Sakeru Gumi) is a 2017 series of television commercials produced in Japan by Hakuhodo for UHA Mikakuto Co. […]

Retro Nostalgia – 1988 US National Aerobic Championship (Event Opening)

View this post on Instagram It’s important to remember just how big aerobics were in the 80’s. Dr. Kenneth Cooper first popularized enhancing cardiovascular health through aerobics in his aptly-titled 1968 book Aerobics, but it didn’t achieve “craze” status until the early 80’s, thanks in part to some star power: Jane Fonda led the high-intensity […]