Time to workout (with Tony Britts)

View this post on Instagram The United Kingdom breathing around three pillars, his queen, the National Health Service and the BBC. When the crisis point, the British applaud their NHS, listen to religiously, the queen and watch the BBC. Since the beginning of the confinement, the archives of the British Broadcasting Corporation have pulled out […]

Motorcycle Sound Battles

View this post on Instagram If you’re into motorcycles, you’ve probably heard about Bōsōzoku, the Japanese rebel biker gangs often associated with outlandish motorcycle tuning. But what you probably didn’t know is that they like to use their bike to create really loud music. Thrill-seeking Bōsōzoku gangs have been known to engage in a variety […]

The Shoemaker’s Dance

On days when we nostalgically remember those dance moments, Fabio Rodolfo "El Lobo" Vázquez, a Guatemalan shoemaker reminds us the power of a 80s dancing a Hi-NRG hit like “Danger" from The Flirts (1983). The video, which was originally intended for his followers, went viral because of his intense dance movements. A new trend in […]

Alberto Gerardo Strappa – «Maradona de las gomas»

Specialists say that marketing is the best way to make a business become a real phenomenon within society. "Maradona de las Gomas” (pneumatic tires in english) has surely achieved his goal with his good place. The football player "Diego Maradona" is a demi god in Argentina because of his well known ability with the ball […]

Pricasso – The Phallic Artist

There are millions of artists in the world but only one who paints with his penis. He was born in the United Kingdom 71 years ago. His "phallic art" was awakened when he emigrated to Australia in 1977. In 2006 he watched Youtube videos of penis puppets (the "Penis Puppets"). and it was at that […]

Advertisement. Obsession – Long Sakeru Gummy.

Chi-chan and Tooru-san love Sakeru Gummy, but one day, they see "Long Long Man", a mysterious mustached man tearing off a strip of Long Sakeru Gummy and a new story is being told. Sakeru Gumi tai Naga~i Sakeru Gumi) is a 2017 series of television commercials produced in Japan by Hakuhodo for UHA Mikakuto Co. […]

Retro Nostalgia – 1988 US National Aerobic Championship (Event Opening)

View this post on Instagram It’s important to remember just how big aerobics were in the 80’s. Dr. Kenneth Cooper first popularized enhancing cardiovascular health through aerobics in his aptly-titled 1968 book Aerobics, but it didn’t achieve “craze” status until the early 80’s, thanks in part to some star power: Jane Fonda led the high-intensity […]

Cassandro – The Exotico!

View this post on Instagram Cassandro’s story – of an underdog and a queer icon, simultaneously fragile and mighty – is ever more evocative as it unfolds on both sides of the Mexican-American border. Famed as much for his flamboyant drag and sky-high pompadour as for his show-stopping kicks and flips, Cassandro’s trailblazing ascent as […]

Zladko “Zlad” Vladcik

Zladko "Zlad!" Vladcik is the unofficial mascot of Molvania. Over time, he has become a kind of Internet phenomenon. He is notorious on the Internet for the novelty pop song and music video "Elektronik Supersonik" which, according to Zlad!, "is a melodic fusion combining hot disco rhythms with cold war rhetoric." "Elektronik Supersonik" is itself […]

Apache – Tommy Seebach

View this post on Instagram In pop culture, Apache is a well-known, often-covered instrumental track written by English songwriter Jerry Jordan. On YouTube, “Apache” also refers to the Danish singer Tommy Seebach’s 1976 rendition of the original composition. The music video—featuring Seebach and his band having a good time with a group of tribal-clothed babes—first […]