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The United Kingdom breathing around three pillars, his queen, the National Health Service and the BBC. When the crisis point, the British applaud their NHS, listen to religiously, the queen and watch the BBC. Since the beginning of the confinement, the archives of the British Broadcasting Corporation have pulled out of their cabinets a series of small, historic gems, including… Tony Britts. It was his stage name, a dancer. His real name was Anthony Menson Amuah. In these times of confinement, anxiety and boredom also, it is necessary to speak of Tony, of his shorts in nylon and marcels hole format extra but so worth the extra small. The videos, entitled “session of fitness for the isolation of the quarantine” , and are carefully distilled on twitter. It is in session five and, in a few days, Tony Britts became a star on social networks. On a musical background decidedly disco, in front of a backdrop of bathroom tiles green and khaki on a mat pale pink patterned psychedelic, Tony is déhanchait. It is déhanchait a lot. He encouraged the viewer to memorize a mini-choreography, detailing each movement by using small “Okayyyyyye” or “move, move, move” (moves, moves, move) to the rhythm of the rocking of her pelvis. It ponctuait his meeting of a “that’s it, that’s it”, (that’s it, that’s what it is). Enjoy your class and remember “Work hard, play hard, rest hard” Thank you, Tony Vía @bbc_archive #sports #fitness #theuncoolhunter #tonybritts #bbc #quarantine #workout #covid_19 #isolation #unitedkingdom #uk #england #bbc

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